Looking Ahead

It is our intention that the data presented in this document and the companion website help lay the groundwork for future conversations about our collective priorities, investments, and vision for the region. The goal of this project is to inform decision-makers in their service to our communities. How will our region grow in the coming decades? How will our land and workforce develop? What challenges are posed by a change in climate? How prepared are we for natural disasters? These questions and countless others can be addressed by research to inform the policies and programs in our region.

Map of the region. Orange designates the Cascadia mega-region and blue indicates the Oregon Cascades West region.
Our region’s economic activity has a reach far beyond the borders of our counties. Our airports, seaports, and other modes, as seen in Connectivity, connect us to the state, the greater Northwest, Cascadia, the nation, and the world. For example, some shrimp harvested in Newport makes its way all the way to Denmark, as discussed in Food Access and Agriculture. The map shows the many countries represented in OSU’s student body, and also shows the geographic locations of inventors who have collaborated on patents with inventors in our region.