New residents bring new cultural and economic contributions to our region. This map shows estimated migration into the region from other counties in Oregon and across the United States.

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Migration From Within the Region and State

Taking a closer look at the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimates of migration between counties, the majority of movers in the region are people who have moved to a different residence within the same county. Among people who have moved here from outside the region, most (over 9,000) moved from another county within Oregon (see the list below and the map above). The majority of the movers to the region from within Oregon came from Lane, Marion, and Washington counties. Of the estimated 8,126 people who moved to the region from outside of Oregon, approximately 1,500 moved from outside of the United States. For information about international students at OSU, see the table below. For information about where OSU students are geographically located after they graduate, see further below.

Top 15 Counties that People Moved From Into the Region

Moving to Oregon

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 County-to-County migration estimates, the largest influx of people moving to the region from outside Oregon – but from within the United States – comes from Clark County, Washington. However, when we consider those from outside the United States, the top place people move from is Asia.

Data on international student enrollment at OSU provide insight into the large proportion of movers coming from Asia. For example, the number of students from China has increased from 141 in 2004 to 1,430 in 2014.

For more information about international students, see the connectivity map on Looking Ahead.

Top 10 Originating Places Outside of Oregon for People Moving Into the RegionInternational Student Enrollment

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Educational Attainment of those Moving from Outside of Oregon into the Region

People who move into the region from another state or abroad have a generally higher level of educational attainment than the region’s overall population. 40.4 percent of people who move to the region from another state or abroad have a Bachelor’s degree, while 28.7 percent of the region’s overall population age 25 and over does.

Oregon and US Locations of OSU 2005-2010 Graduates

Where do Oregon State University Students Go After Graduation?

Alumni data from OSU show that five years after graduation, most OSU graduates are still living in Oregon, with California and Washington coming in second and third as places of residence. Within Oregon, 28 percent are still in the region, contributing to our region’s communities, economy, and culture.

Oregon and US Locations of OSU 2005-2010 Graduates