Data tells us that Oregon’s immense hydroelectric and other power networks outside the Region produce much of what is consumed, however, local energy production is a growing industry in our Region.

Map of Energy Generation Facilities in the Region

Energy Consumption by Sector

The largest consumption of energy in the State is for transportation. Data are only available at the State level.

OR Energy Consumption by End User Sector 2015

Energy Production and Consumption by Source

While the graphics show production and consumption Statewide, regional data are not available. Historically, the Pacific Northwest has benefitted from an abundant supply of relatively low-cost electrical energy due to hydropower’s large contribution to the power base. In terms of production, renewable energy leads in Oregon.

Energy Incentives

From 2004-2014, the combination of residential, commercial, and industrial entities in the Region have saved almost 200 million kW hours of energy and generated over 16 million kW hours of renewable energy through participation in Energy Trust programs. In the same time period, Energy Trust has paid almost $35 million in incentives to residential, commercial, industrial, and renewable entities in the Region for energy-efficient upgrades and renewable energy projects.

Energy and Incentives in the OCWCOG Region 2004-2014 through Energy Trust Programs